Astral Corps

Astral Corps


  1. Background
  2. Command Structure
  3. Known Combat Units
  4. Persons of Interest

This paramilitary organization recruits those gifted in the Arcane arts. This is not to say that they will turn away other potential recruits (excluding Psionics), but that they will aggressively pursue recruitment of mages. Their recruiters will often pay visits to the eight Academies spread across the world. ‘Wild’ mages are often left unrecruited, unless they specifically seek out employment with Astral Corps. The reason for this is the management for Astral Corps sees these mages as a danger to their command structure.

Mages within Astral Corps are often of the Conjuration or Evocation schools. The Conjuration mages construct Golems to use on the battlefields (there has been a rise in the construction of Golems in order to counteract the introduction of mechanized units by ITS) and the Evocation mages exist as the heavy infantry of this unit, bringing all manner of elemental fury down on the enemy.

Company History

Command Structure

Known Combat Units

People of Interest

Below is a list and brief description of all the important people within Astral Corps:

Astral Corps

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