H.D.I.S (Hammond Digital Integrated Systems)


  1. Background
  2. Command Structure
  3. Known Combat Units
  4. Persons of Interest

Hammond Digital Integrated Systems (HDIS) – A large technological company that permeates many different aspects of everyday life. They have several divisions, most notably working on military research – this division is responsible for producing the framework for mechanized bi-pedal weaponry (Mobile Assault Unit) to replace tanks for militia around the world. High-profile security forces are also introducing them into their ranks – and are making far better use of them.

Another division is working on cybernetic implants, though development on Psionics was stopped when society turned against them. This division is also responsible for introducing cloning into the mainstream of society – though it is only common with either military personnel or highly affluent private individuals.

While this company has a global reach, it does not attempt to control markets or place monopolies on its technology. Hammond controls the patents for most of the technology existing in the world today, and so most of its money is made not in the sale of the devices it has created, but rather selling the patents to manufacturing corporations.

Company History

Command Structure

Known Combat Units

People of Interest

Below is a list and brief description of all the important people within H.D.I.S:


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