I.T.A (Innovative Tactical Applications)


  1. Background
  2. Command Structure
  3. Known Combat Units
  4. Persons of Interest

This paramilitary organization focuses their efforts on the use of AI and robotics, as well as incorporating the newly-proliferated Mobile Assault Unit into the core of their fighting force. They are the smallest organization (in terms of sheer manpower) as they only use humans in command and intelligence capacities. One human operator is sufficient to command a full battalion of ‘soldiers’, though ITA often uses up to five for large skirmishes. These Operators are usually so tied to their command consoles that they have surgery performed to embed the feedback devices for Haptic interfaces directly into their fingertips rather than wearing the gloves.

The other group, who has been growing rapidly in the last few years, are the Pilots who are responsible for bringing heavy support into combat with mechs. These mechs are often fast and lightly armored, as they mostly operate in urban combat zones. Standard operating procedure for ITA is to have mechs operating in groups of three.

There is a push from somewhere within the ranks of ITA that seeks to combine these two jobs – through use of heavy cybernetic enhancement. The end-goal is to create a new type of meta-human. Within the organization, it is recognized that a human cannot hope to oversee a combat scenario and successfully pilot a mech. Their solution is to successfully integrate a fully-functional AI into a human brain. They believe that the additional processing power will make it possible to multitask on such a scale that one will be able to fight with the mech while the other is able to command the robotic troops – all the while being able to communicate with one-another.

Company History

Innovative Tactical Applications got its start during the years following The Collapse. It is the oldest paramilitary organization, and began life as a security force for one of the Bunker-Cities built near New York City. The founders began with the notion that order needed to be upheld

Command Structure


Operators are responsible for controlling the majority of I.T.A’s fighting forces. They are usually stationed on a back line (generally several miles outside a theater of operations) in a vehicle designed to transmit their command signals to the robots in the field.


Known Combat Units

As I.T.A focuses on the use of mechanized units, an ally or an enemy will rarely see a human on the battlefield. Below are some of the more common units seen within the I.T.A. fighting forces, though – of course – these are not the only forces that I.T.A. can field.

Assault Trooper

These robots are the core of I.T.A’s fighting force. They are human-sized exoskeletal robots that accept commands from an Operator. They often carry assault rifles or pistols, though some have been reported carrying heavier weapons (sniper rifles, rocket launchers). These types are rare, however. The units as individuals are weak, but when dispatched in the numbers that they are, they can quickly become a powerful force. The units are often deployed in groups of fifteen to twenty robots, and twelve to fifteen groups are assigned to a single Operator.

People of Interest

Below is a list and brief description of all the important people within I.T.A:


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