Millennium Biotech

Millennium Biotech


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The recruiters for this paramilitary organization focus on finding those that have undergone cybernetic or genetic augmentation to grant them Psionic abilities. Though these abilities are shunned by society at large, the organization sees the use in them. They integrate these Psionics into their battalions of cybernetically augmented soldiers, usually as officers for their efficiency in transmitting orders and improving morale across a combat zone. This group shuns AI and robotics, preferring to keep the human element in combat. They have a few mages, and they serve in the same capacity as Psionics – as high-ranking officers within the group, usually placed in positions of command.

Because of their makeup, they prefer combat in small guerrilla-style groups of 5-10 soldiers led by an officer. Depending on the size of the engagement, (name) may deploy several of these groups placed under a single, or sometimes a trio – if the group is large enough, Psionic. Despite humanity as a whole’s mistrust of Psionics and their abilities, Millennium Biotechnics continues to research improvements on the technology – seeing Psionics as the next evolutionary step for humanity.

Company History

Command Structure

Known Combat Units

People of Interest

Below is a list and brief description of all the important figures within Millennium Biotech:

Current CEO: Matthieu Victor Durand, IV

Millennium Biotech

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