The World

Earth in the Year 1122 AC (3274 AD)

A full millennium after The Collapse, humanity has returned to – and indeed surpassed – the technological innovations of the 21st century. Extensive terraforming, through both magic and science, has been used on the Earth to return it to a livable state. Previously, the world’s population was forced underground to escape the noxious poisons spread during the Collapse. With most of the world’s technologies saved on electronic devices stored in the underground cities, the rebirth of civilization did not take long once humans were able to return to the surface.

In fact, the meteoric rise occurred far quicker than most scientists anticipated. Individual countries have ceased to exist. States are a 21st century inconvenience that have passed from this life. The political state of the world has solidified into massive ‘super-nations’ that are largely divided by continent, though Europe and North America are united under the same government.

This does not, of course, mean that the world is a Utopian paradise. While boundaries have largely dissolved, and wars on the large scale are no longer fought, conflict still exists. Skirmishes over land rights on border territories, resources, and ideological differences still exist, though they are not fought by nationalistic militaries. Instead, they are fought by paramilitary corporations that hire, train and deploy their own troops with the desired outcome chosen by their employers in mind. These corporations gained a foothold globally after the last major world conflict, in which they hired out their services to the losing side – quickly shifting the balance of the conflict and proving their capabilities versus a national army. Of course, at that time they were united – this is not the case any longer. Now, they are simply content to kill each other so long as the money is flowing. And the nations of the world seem content to let them fight the battles for them.

Due to the aforementioned agreement, the militias of the existing nations are used as police, fire and rescue forces now. They are still heavily equipped, using mechs designed by Hammond Digital Integrated Systems, but they don’t see combat anymore unless it is in a peacekeeping capacity in a major city. Border skirmishes and resource disputes are left to the corporate combatants.

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The World

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